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Whipped Body Mousse-Essence

Whipped Body Mousse-Essence

Relaxing Bath Soak Shot

Relaxing Bath Soak Shot

Beard Bundle

Beard Bundle


B e s t S e l l e r s


Meet Wyndi

"If You're Always Trying to Be Normal,You Will Never Know How Amazing You Can Be." -Maya Angelou

You may ask, What is a Pouty Girl? A Pouty Girl; is an assertive ambitious, confident, and classy woman or girl. She is fierce. She is resilient. She is a #GoalGetter. She is a whole vibe. She is a MOVEMENT. She knows what she wants, and it is ONLY the BEST. #BeAPoutyGirl

My name is Wyndi Dye, owner and CEO of Pouty Girlz, LLC, a vegan cosmetics and all natural skin care line that is rapidly gaining national recognition. We provide high quality cosmetics and skincare products, helping women and men on their journey to healthier and smoother skin. Our moisturizing products are formulated to help you showcase your skin's natural beauty. Our products are vegan, all natural, kid friendly and cruelty free.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, quality products, and excellent customer service. We realize that without YOU, there is no us. We want everyone who shops to get the Pouty Girl experience that not only makes your skin feel good, but also makes you crave more and tell a friend. 

Each one of our products are perfectly formulated to give your body nourishment but also sparkle and shine with a long lasting finish. We are a dedicated, down to earth, and growing business, nestled in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, striving for greatness.

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Helping You To  Feel  and Look Good Naturally

  ​Email: info@beapoutygirl.com 

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Chicago, IL

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